Bespoke Systems

All our intruder systems are designed specifically to the client’s individual requirements in line with the relevant European installation standards and SSAIB codes of practice.

Install intruder alarms for complete security

We offer a range of intruder alarm and intrusion detection systems for all types of property.

Alarm systems are a proven way to enhance the security of your property and vastly becoming the minimum line of protection in the modern world.

We also offer 24 hours remote monitoring services which will keep your property protected even when unoccupied.

Effective alarm systems

Sensetec’s intruder alarm systems are used in a wide variety of premises, to protect all applications, all our system designs are prepared following the completion of an acceptable site risk assessment and survey.

Technologically Advanced

Our intruder alarms systems utilise the latest equipment available in the security industry to provide the most effective and versatile protection against intruders. Take advantage of our services in Rutland, Leicestershire, East Midlands and throughout the UK.

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Professional Services

Integrate SmokeCloak

Smoke cloak is a proven smoke security system which produces a dense, harmless vapour reducing visibility to practically zero in less than 60 seconds. The smoke cloak system is designed to be fully compatible and integrated with your existing intruder alarm system, it is automatically triggered when the alarm activates.

In our opinion, smoke cloak provides a perfect retail and commercial solution to guard against potential theft, thus protecting and safeguarding your premises until key holders and emergency services can respond. For more information click on the smoke cloak logo below.

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We offer bespoke security systems to suit your requirements.

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We always offer bespoke security systems to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us today for more information or inquiries.